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I gained control over my caseload so I could hire another physio to be able to take up some of that slack. I learnt how to be accountable as the boss the owner not just as a clinician, but to be the one that makes the decisions on the direction of the business. I no longer have to do my payroll on weekends and now have more time with my family.

– Annie Beaudoin, Physiotherapist

Annie’s Story…

With a physiotherapy practice based in Sydney, Annie specialises in women’s health and rehabilitation for women who have breast cancer. Before joining the program, the challenges Annie faced included: her practice’s rent increasing by 30%; the frustration of working late at night and on weekends to do payroll and HR admin, taking time away from her family; and needing to learn how to do marketing.


She also wanted to be able to hire another physio who could share Annie’s increasing workload. When it came to her patients, Annie had such a varied caseload that she was not free to focus on her ideal kind of clients in terms of the work she enjoys doing most.

Annie felt that she was not creating newsletters effectively and that the content of her communication with the patients needed improvement too. She wanted to streamline her communication processes and make her marketing look professional.

Investing in the program was a risk, given her huge increase in rent but Annie knew she needed support and trusted it would pay off for her to learn from Sian. Annie’s hope was that the program would help make her accountable to be a successful boss, not solely a clinician, and to be confidently making the right decisions for her practice to thrive.

Annie was delighted to have Sian’s guidance through the program, which opened her mind to the kind of future she could create for herself. With Sian’s support, Annie was able to clearly identify how she could work towards her dream goals, as opposed to being immersed in seeing patients back-to-back with no end in sight.

Since the program, Annie has successfully hired a physio who works full-time. This business development has reduced the amount of hours Annie is working by 70%, without impacting her income. In addition, Annie has won a Local Business Award and in doing so, this will make her practice even more attractive to future hires when the time comes to expand her practice further.

In terms of the program community, Annie resonated with being aligned with like-minded women in business who were also mothers. She recognises that male business owners and physios will have an alternative approach running their business to the way women work best. This is why coaching with Sian was so valuable, as Annie felt understood and learnt marketing in a relatable way that was directly connected with her personal experience.

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