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“I had a major life transition. During that time, I was moving from a solo practitioner to a group practice so I wanted additional support during that transition and I wanted to be successful at bringing on a new associate. I now have one associate, with another one due to start.”

– April Neff, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

April’s Story…

April has her own private practice in Kansas, USA, working as both a private clinician and social worker. She knew that having a strong background in marketing would set her apart from other clinicians and was keen to find a program that was easy to follow with clear steps.


It also needed to fit into her busy schedule. In joining Sian’s Accelerator program, April immediately saw results, securing three to five client calls a week. This led to April choosing to learn more from Sian.

April found the program to be laid out in an easy to follow format. One thing that surprised her most was the sense of community in a group of women that were all very different. Everybody involved worked in different fields, but they were all in a similar place, in terms of how they wanted to develop their practice. April was impressed that the program was not just an educational kind of experience; it was very much oriented to pushing each other forward and making sure that wherever you are, somebody else has some information that would help you.

Before joining, April was a little concerned that owing to her hectic schedule, she might not be able to be present for all of the weekly meetings. However, because it was after hours, it worked out for her. In making this financial and time investment, April wanted to ensure she had something worthwhile to show for it at the end. She describes the outcome as having had a major life transition. She was looking for additional support, as she transitioned from being a solo practitioner to leading a group practice. Viewing it as a big responsibility to take on other people’s livelihoods, April wanted to be successful at bringing on just one new associate. She achieved this and now has an additional associate due to join her team.

Completing Sian’s program has led to April meeting some really interesting people all over the United States who have remained both her business cheerleaders and friends. April is grateful to still have access to all of the program materials so she can return to them and implement new things, as her business continues growing. She has been sharing all the best marketing practice learnt through the program with her new associate, recognising that the step-by-step approach has been clear to follow, outlining a process for things like writing a doctor’s letter and putting branding together.

For anyone thinking about doing this program, April notes that you’re probably in the right headspace to get started. Her biggest takeaway has been that what seem like impossible dreams really can happen. Setting those goals and making them numerical, plus identifying the differences in what she had been doing, versus what she could and needed to be doing, helped April plan for her future. She was surprised to see how many things in her business could have a system applied to streamline them. April valued how much Sian truly understood the emotional and mindset space that each member was in too, addressing what everyone was going through in terms of what they needed to let go of to move forward as a business.

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