Bek McClellan

“The return on investment on this program often for people is like 20 times what they paid in the volume of clients that come in that I wouldn’t know how to bring those people in and I put them in and it’s working very well.” 

“I now have a clear direction and I know what to do and I’m not worried about getting clients.” 

– Bek McClellan, Senior Physiotherapist and Owner of Sunshine Coast Neuro Rehab in Queensland, Australia

Bek McClellan’s Success Story

Meet Bek, a dynamic physiotherapist from the Sunshine Coast who took her practice to extraordinary heights.

Three years after venturing into private practice, Bek grew from a solo practitioner to a thriving clinic with eight staff members.

When she first joined the program a year ago, Bek faced the challenge of filling her appointment book and expanding her team. She was caught in a whirlwind of hiring and onboarding staff, with a sudden demand for her services.

With the help of Success Without Sacrifice™️, she implemented new marketing and business systems, and the impact has been incredible.

Revenue has soared, and Bek is confidently expanding into a physical clinic, even planning to step back and enjoy smoother operations. She attributes her success to a change in mindset, personalised marketing strategies, and authentic connections.

For Bek, this program wasn’t just about growing her practice but transforming her entire approach to business. It provided her with the tools and confidence to navigate the rapid growth she’s experiencing, turning challenges into opportunities.

If you want to take your practice to new heights while maintaining authenticity and balance, Bek’s journey is a testament to what’s possible.

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