Brightside Physio, Newcastle

“I hit my goals so fast that I then had to recalibrate my entire goal setting. It was about six weeks in that I hit 20 patients a week. Then it grew to be 40 patients in a week, within about three months – it just went really fast and I hit my goal of 12 months within three months, so I had to recalibrate my goals pretty substantially.”

– Ben Hutton, Brightside Physio

Ben’s Story…

Ben is a physiotherapist who runs a clinic called Brightside Physio in Newcastle, Australia. When he started his clinic, Ben was very aware of his own limitations and lack of knowledge, particularly in how to effectively communicate with people.


Ben researched a few different marketing options before finding Sian. In a conversation exchanged with Sian while Ben was on the way to pick up his children from school, he was struck by the synchronicity. Ben felt understood and that this was the right direction to take.


Ben hit all of his goals so quickly that he then had to recalibrate his entire goal setting. Originally, he wanted to be seeing 20 clients a week within three months. He achieved this in just 6 weeks working with Sian. It rapidly grew to being around 40 patients in a week, within about three months. Having reached his 12-month goal in only 3 months, he had to recalibrate his goal setting substantially. In growing so quickly, Ben has been adapting to making the necessary changes to accommodate so many more clients.

In only six months, Ben went from renting a room, to leasing a premises that had originally looked like a pipe dream. Close friends and family were a little skeptical about Ben starting a business in a pandemic, in a new city. During this time, Ben’s success soared so much that he has taken on a new, much larger space. With 40-50 people to look after each week, Ben has a beautiful new space, with two lovely treatment rooms and a really cute little gym space and a kitchen as his next step up. He’s already starting to think that maybe this clinic isn’t going to be big enough and that he might need an additional clinic in a second location. He’s found it mindboggling to see how quick the growth has been and how he can see the building blocks for how it will be sustainable, scalable and continue growing.

Ben has found it humbling to look at what is achievable and how much he needed to change the way that he viewed things that he held as limiting beliefs. Being honest about his strengths and areas for development has brought positive personal growt

For anyone considering joining the programme, Ben doesn’t have any hesitation in saying that it’s a good thing to do. For where he was at in his business, it was exactly what he needed. He is very thankful to Sian for making it so clear what he needed to do to succeed.

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