Brooke Finlayson

“I am confidently employing new team members with new systems which resulted in really successful processes. There’s been lots of different elements to do with our growth and lots of those elements are built on the systems that Sian has been sharing. ” 

– Brooke Finlayson, Director, Educator, Milestones Educational Therapy & Wellbeing in Adelaide, South

Brooke Finlayson’s Success Story

Brooke is a developmental educator operating her practice in Adelaide, Australia. When she joined Sian’s Success Without Sacrifice™ program, Brooke was navigating a tight financial situation with her business. Despite her dedication and hard work, her financial results did not reflect her effort.

Brooke’s primary goal was to improve her financial health and gain the insight needed to run her business more effectively.

She discovered Sian and the program at a crucial juncture. Initially, she was hesitant to join due to the financial investment involved. Brooke had never spent so much on a coaching program and needed assurance that her investment would yield tangible results. However, her desire to enhance her financial skills and business operations overcame her reservations.

Since joining the program, Brooke has witnessed a transformative change in her practice. In just nine months, her Gross Profit Margin (GPM) impressively increased from 18% to 64%. Her Net Profit Margin (NPM) for the previous financial year was 24%, which has jumped to 35% in the current year. This financial turnaround far exceeded her initial expectations.

A significant aspect of Brooke’s transformation was her newfound financial literacy. Initially intimidated by financial terminology, she now confidently uses this knowledge to guide her business decisions. Brooke’s journey with Success Without Sacrifice™ has been about more than just financial growth; it has been a journey of empowerment and gaining confidence in her business capabilities.

Brooke’s story illustrates that with the proper guidance and tools, it’s possible to achieve business growth and a profound shift in how you view and run your business.

In embracing Sian’s expert coaching with an open mind, Brooke experienced extraordinary growth and self-discovery. Her ability to apply new strategies and insights has improved her business’s financial health and her approach to leadership and decision-making.

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