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“I feel like I save a lot of energy and when I’m spending time with my ideal clients. I feel happier because they do what I asked them to do and end up seeing the results. I’ve got confident even engaging with the doctors and specialists and everyone else. And how I interact is different. It has changed something in me. It’s not just the business part, you also learn more about yourself and you know that you can handle things in a better way.”

– Charu Mahajan, Physiotherapist

Charu’s Story…

Prior to joining the program, Charu was a physiotherapist working in multiple locations in different medical centres. Consequently, as a sole practitioner, she didn’t have much control over her working conditions.


Charu wanted to move into focusing on the business side of the practice, rather than solely being a clinician. In not knowing how to move forward, Sian’s program looked like the perfect solution to help Charu make this important business transition.

Charu’s dream vision was to create her own standalone practice but she was concerned by things like the expenses, such as renting or buying space and having to employ staff. These barriers were holding her back and Charu wanted a clear, in-depth idea of how a business model runs successfully.

The program gave Charu the confidence she needed to take the big steps necessary to progress and make her dream a reality. Having a plan and addressing one goal at a time helped Charu get to the stage where she has bought her own practice and she’s been able to implement everything Sian taught her, step by step.

Working with Sian also changed Charu’s perception of being a clinician or therapist. Charu overcame her guilt about what to be charging clients, embracing valuing herself and her skills far more, instead of undercharging for her service. Before fully implementing all of the strategies, Charu was already booked out and was able to hire a part-time Exercise Physiologist.

Charu viewed the program as having something for everyone, and for every level of her business journey. She liked the fact that she can keep going back to this program at every stage and reapply the key components again and again, as her business progresses. The program offered a wealth of material that went well beyond Charu’s expectations.

Charu’s biggest takeaways from the program were to: have confidence in herself; take a step by step approach to reach her goal; and not to hold herself back. Charu also overcame her lack of confidence with technology, opening up to the vision of a new way of creating her website and marketing. She now has a website she loves.

Being introduced to new wonderful people and working with female energy in a way that everyone can understand one another, was an additional element of the program that Charu valued. Working mothers could work around their family timings and there was no pressure – everyone understood, listening and supporting one another.

Without the program, Charu thinks she would have held herself back and likely spent the next two or three years on an endless cycle going forwards and backwards, unsure if she was ready to have her own practice, and she definitely wouldn’t have hired anyone else. Enhancing her understanding, both about the business and herself, Charu feels she can handle things in a better way.

Charu has learnt to save a lot of her energy by investing her clinician hours only working with her ideal clients, rather than anyone who came through the door. This has enhanced her fulfilment and happiness in her role. Her clients follow her advice and are seeing results, which is very rewarding for them and for Charu, as she knows with certainty, she is helping change their lives.

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