Christine Miroddi

“I really appreciate that you made me become an expert in something because I was all over the place. You helped me narrow down what I should be doing with my life.”

– Christine Miroddi, Speech Pathologist, New York

Christine’s Story…

Christine runs a successful speech pathology practice based in New York. When she first joined the Mastermind Program, Christine could only commit 2 hours a week to work on the Program, as she was flat-out juggling a full-time job, a budding solo practice, and her family responsibilities.


Over 7 months working with Sian, Christine quit her full-time job, doubled her profit, and hired staff including admin support. These changes have made a huge difference to Christine’s family life, reducing her working hours from around 50-60 per week, to around 70 hours per month. She loves the flexibility of working in her own practice and the fact that her business is producing income even when she isn’t working every day.

When Christine first joined Sian’s Mastermind Program, her practice was a side business to supplement her full-time job. Working 50-60 hours each week a solo clinician with a young baby, Christine was exhausted and burnout. She wanted to be home more, have flexibility in her schedule, yet still earn a good income.  

Once she began to work with Sian, Christine quickly discovered how to introduce her passions into her Clinic, and develop a niche practice that would meet her financial and personal needs. As a result, Christine now has become a recognised expert in her field, doing something she loves. 

The money Christine invested in the Mastermind Program was quickly returned as her business grew into a viable long term income source. She has learned a lot about money, how to be a leader, to teach others and to be a good boss. In addition, she loves the interaction of likeminded practitioners she has access to in Sian’s programs, which is also very helpful to bounce ideas off.  

Christine has hit her goals more quickly than she thought she would and has already planned how the business will develop over the next twelve months to achieve even higher goals. 

Working with Sian helped Christine to reduce the number of hours she worked, while building a successful business that she loves and feels good about. Most importantly, her new business model is flexible and allows her to spend more time with her family, without compromising on profitability.  

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