Ciaran Fox

“The amount of change that I made in eight or nine months of working with Sian has made a huge difference to my business, but also to our personal life. It has meant that I can comfortably go off on maternity leave and take four to six months off and feel comfortable and happy that the business will still be fine. And I’ll come back to it. And it’ll still be fine.”

– Ciaran Fox, Physiotherapist, Sydney, Australia

Ciaran’s Story…

Ciaran owns a physiotherapy practice in Sydney, Australia, and like many other private practice owners, her business was taking more than it was giving. While her physiotherapy skills were in high demand with a five to six week waiting list, the part time physiotherapists she employed had gaps in their booking calendars. 


In addition, Ciaran ran the administration for the business. It just never seemed to get any easier. She was wanting to try for her second child and was considering closing the business to relieve the stress of the situation. When she took leave previously, the business started to fail, so she had no confidence that she could safely take off time to have her second baby. Ciaran was at breaking point. She knew there must be a better way, and luckily, she discovered Sian’s program just at the right time. 

Unlike many other coaches and programs who told Ciaran that her business was not at the right stage for them to coach her, or that she just needed to reduce her appointments and increase prices, Sian understood exactly where her mindset was at. Sian was confident that it was possible for Ciaran to be a mum and a successful business owner. Ciaran knew she needed to make a change. If she didn’t, she would burn out and eventually just close the business, so she took the leap.  

Working with Sian, Ciaran achieved a 60% revenue increase in 10 months, despite Covid lockdowns. Ciaran put in place processes that made her business less reliant on her personally, freeing up time for her to grow the business and her family. She can now relax knowing her business will still run without her. Being able to be fully present at work, or fully present at home, has reduced the pressure and mental fatigue that was plaguing her daily.  

As a result of the Sian’s program, some of the changes Ciaran has made include empowering her staff to take on more responsibility and to incorporate roles they enjoy into their tasks and employing administrative staff as well as new therapists. What is more, the new Physiotherapists she has employed are bringing in their own referrals and attracting clients that are a good fit for the business. She has set up a marketing plan for the next nine months with her staff, knowing who they will reach out to, and how.  

Even better, the feeling of excitement has returned for Ciaran when she thinks about her business, and how things will grow and change in the future. She now has a business that is financially solid and family friendly. Success really can be without sacrifice. 

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