True Inner Connection

“This program completely changed my whole energy for my business. I’m feeling really excited about the direction my business is going in. I’m making money. My confidence has increased, and I have a clear vision. My business has grown significantly.”

– Fran Dunscombe, Confidence & Wellness Coach

Fran’s Story…

Prior to joining the program, Fran was feeling lost and overwhelmed with trying to figure out the whole world of marketing on her own and really needed professional guidance. She wasn’t making any money and was transitioning from what had been a hobby, to being able to make money.


Fran had been giving away a lot of free sessions and not taking her worth seriously or valuing her skills.

Working with Sian completely changed Fran’s whole energy for her business and enabled her to put together and implement a clear strategy. In having the opportunity to recreate her brand story, Fran got the clarity she needed regarding who she really wanted to focus on helping as her ideal clients. The program wasn’t just about marketing; Fran received invaluable business coaching too.

Learning how to best leverage Facebook and following Sian’s recommendations for free marketing solutions led to Fran securing new client sign ups and significantly increasing her revenue. Fran is well on her way to fully replacing her day job income and has set her sights on this as a future goal. Her confidence has increased, together with her clarity and vision. Her business has grown significantly and rapidly as a result.

Fran has successfully transitioned from having a hobby type of venture on the side of a day job, to now making this business her main focus. She recommends anyone considering joining the program to sign up without hesitation. Even for business owners who are proficient and pretty established, Fran explains that there is so much value in the content offered, equating it to being like a buffet of ideas that you can use and just implement, when and where you deem appropriate. It also exposed Fran to useful information, resources and techniques that she will be able to implement in the future as her business grows, and she has tools to support her at every stage of her business.

Completing the program has left Fran feeling really excited about the direction her business is going in. Learning about ways to structure her business in terms of packages and how to scale for future expansion has given the program contents longevity well beyond the duration of the program itself.

Fran has so much gratitude for what Sian has taught her and she valued Sian’s coaching approach too, which she found to be the perfect fit to get the best out of Fran’s ability.

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