Hannah Mendes

“I hired a bookkeeper and my revenue has jumped up by $3,000 a month. Any new clients are coming in at the higher rate. I have a planning process for how much admin I actually have to do, when I’m supposed to do it, and writing it into my schedule to stay focused. I don’t start work until 10 am and I’m done before 6 pm each day. Before work, I take care of the things that I need to take care of that I don’t have the energy to do when I get home. Being able to do this has been a real game-changer for me.”

– Hannah Mendes, Speech Pathologist

Hannah’s Story…

Hannah is a speech pathologist with a private practice in Los Angeles, California. She specialises in working with children with ADHD, who have challenges with executive function, social skills, language, literacy, and school-based problems.


Hannah had been in practice for a little over five years as the sole proprietor, with no legal business name, no website, and just charging the going rate, despite providing a premium service owing to her unique specialisms, skills and training. At the point of joining the program, Hannah just wanted a website and a business structure to reflect the new premium rate that she plans to charge in 2022.

Hannah had looked into several marketing courses that had a business aspect and while she found some of them to be relevant to speech pathologists, she didn’t connect with any of them.

What made Sian’s program different and drew Hannah to it was that it focuses on feminine energy, and it instantly felt right. The program gave Hannah practical tools to implement immediately, in addition to many other tools that she isn’t at the stage in her business to use yet but she will do in the future. Before joining, Hannah wasn’t sure if the cost was going to be worth it but soon learnt that it definitely was, and she would give it a score of 20 out of 10. Hannah has developed the confidence to be able to share her new pricing structure, which is higher than she was originally going make it at the beginning of the program. She happily tells people what she specialises in,  confidently sharing her brand story, her passion for what she does, and her new hourly rate, without fear or hesitation.

The group of women that were also in the program included such a range of people with varying levels of experience. Hannah felt she was somewhere in the middle in terms of the business progress she had made so far. Given how important it is to Hannah to continue to value her work-life balance, it helped greatly to be able to see what that looks like for other businesswomen in the group who were a few steps further along than Hannah was in her journey.

In working with Sian, Hannah was hoping to: have a website; create a separate legal entity for her business; make connections; and see what other private practice owners were doing in different locations. She got all of this and far more from the program, which also provided valuable insights into how people with employees handle common issues, how to know the right person to hire, and seeing what that looks like for others in real life scenarios. Client-wise, Hannah transitioned from having a school contract, to building inroads for a new client base. She has also hired a bookkeeper to track her revenue, which has increased by at least $3,000 a month. Hannah has been able to increase her hourly rate and work less hours, while making far more money.

Hannah has mastered the planning process of how much admin she actually has to do, when she’s going to do it, and writing it into her schedule to keep her focus. She’s changed her working hours so she can take care of household and family responsibilities first thing in the morning before seeing clients. That way, once Hannah returns home from work, she doesn’t have to worry about any chores and can simply enjoy time with her family.

Hannah recommends that anyone who wants to be ready to launch their business, be successful, and have the confidence to tell their clients why they are the best in their field to sign up to Sian’s program yesterday. Her biggest takeaways were her own self-reflection on being a business owner and being able to distinguish between things she has been told to want, versus what she genuinely does want for herself. Understanding why she’s the expert and how to tell people that in a way that’s humble but also strong and believable has been a powerful change for Hannah. She now knows and believes in her worth and what she deserves to be paid.

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