Keira Bell

“The biggest change for me is obviously coming back to the three days a week. Now I have an admin day in which I sort of tidy up loose ends, and then I have a completely full day off where I don’t think about work at all.” 

– Keira Bell, Physiotherapist and Owner of a practice on the Northern Beaches in Sydney

Keira Bell’s Success Story

Keira is a dedicated physiotherapist and owner of a practice on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Before joining our program, she juggled a hectic schedule, working six days a week and managing a busy practice while raising four young children.

Keira’s story is one that many practice owners can relate to. She had reached a point where she was considering closing her practice if things didn’t turn around. The stress of trying to make ends meet while working long hours was taking a toll on her well-being and family life.

But everything changed when Keira joined Succes Without Sacrifice™️. She sought a better way to balance her professional success and personal life.

With the support and guidance of our program, Keira made remarkable changes in her practice and life. She reduced her workweek to three days, allowing her to enjoy more time with her family. She also hired additional physiotherapists to help manage her practice’s workload.

The most significant transformation came in the form of business growth. Keira’s practice experienced a substantial increase in revenue, adding an impressive $20k per month. This remarkable growth allowed Keira to step back from the day-to-day operations of her practice, giving her the freedom to focus on what truly matters to her.

Keira’s success story proves that you can achieve a harmonious balance between your professional and personal life with the proper guidance and strategy. Her journey is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see where it leads her next.

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