Kerstin Anderson

“(The program) highlighted that we have more scope than we thought we did.  Previously when people asked me to do things, I would go “Oh no, I can’t do that”.  It was limiting. Now it’s “why not consider it?”

– Kerstin Anderson, Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, Perth, Australia

Kerstin’s Story…

For 16 years, Kerstin was a successful solo clinical and counselling psychologist in Perth, Western Australia. She wanted to expand her business but knew she needed help in the transition from ‘practitioner’ to ‘business owner’. Seeking tools and knowledge beyond her university degrees, Kerstin saw Sian’s course as an opportunity for personal and professional expansion. 


Kerstin’s goal was to work smarter, not harder, and expand her business. Kerstin felt it was time to change the way she conducted her practice. 

When she started working with Sian, Kerstin had just taken on two other professionals and was wondering how their books were going to be filled. She wanted to attract new clients in a ‘non salesy’ way and generate a successful income stream for each of her new contractors. 

Kerstin had previously joined Sian’s Accelerator program on Facebook and learnt alot. She felt Sian’s values and message were a good fit for her business so decided to join the mentoring program to get more specialised help.  

Kerstin committed an hour a week of her time to the mentoring, and she was determined to take the needed action. It was an investment, a chance to dig deep into her own personal journey and look at ways she could further grow the business.  

Working with Sian, Kerstin was able to build a successful model for employing others and growing a group practice. Sian then helped Kerstin to work with each of her consultants to build a steady stream of referrals which attracted their ideal clients, which means that her practice now has several speciality areas.  

It is rare for practice owners to care about the quality of clients they bring into the business for their consultants. So, the model that Kerstin is now implementing in her practice is highly beneficial to the clinicians she is employing. They too are learning how to build their caseload filled with dream clients, and generate their own referrals. This makes the practice overall happier and ultimately more profitable.  

From mentoring her own clinicians, and seeing the results in her own practice, Kerstin has built real confidence in the process. She now mentors other psychologists wanting to start or expand their practice.

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