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“I did really appreciate the gentle persistence that Sian had, to say, “Come on, come on, you can do it!”. It was just the right combination of confidence in me, and not taking no for an answer. Sian encouraged me to do things that I probably would have delayed doing or procrastinated around doing.”

– Kylie Bell, Mental Health Social Worker

Kylie’s Story…

As a mental health social worker, Kylie provides counseling to people using the Better Access to Mental Healthcare initiative in Australia. When Kylie initially found Sian on Facebook, she felt a bit lost regarding how to get started and how to build a small business.


She loved social work and counseling people but hadn’t done any business or marketing-type courses in her tertiary studies, so she was keen to have help in these areas.After six months of Kylie consistently growing and engaging with her network, she had a steady stream of six new ideal client referrals a week.

Kylie also learned how to use LinkedIn far more effectively and connected with other Allied Health professionals that she never expected to converse with. Kylie appreciated Sian’s gentle persistence, encouraging Kylie to do things that Kylie would otherwise likely have delayed doing without this program.

Kylie has found it beneficial to have ongoing access to all of the materials long-term so that she can revisit them in the future and to get even more out of them. Kylie knows that each time she expands into a new level of her business and grows as a business owner, she can go over the materials to a new depth. She summarized this as the program paying for itself, over and over again. Since completing the program, Kylie has already returned to this valuable content to help structure her blog posts and newsletter more effectively.

Some of the techniques Kylie learnt in the program are now consistent practices embedded in her business that she uses all the time and Kylie would encourage others to join the program, certain that it’s a good investment of time and money to get a broad coverage of a number of different marketing strategies. She also enjoyed the group aspect, hearing what other business owners in different countries and other states and were doing as there was always something useful to learn through that exchange.

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