Morgan Deegan

“I’ve just been like taking a bit easy because business is stable and good. And I don’t feel like I have to be running a million miles an hour because it feels stable…..Sian’s program is really well set up.” 

– Morgan Deegan, Physiotherapist and Owner/Director of Physio and Fitness Clinic in Seaford, Victoria

Morgan Deegan’s Success Story

Morgan is a passionate physiotherapist and clinic owner in Melbourne, Australia. Before joining the Success Without Sacrifice™ program, she was overwhelmed, managing an extensive team of physiotherapists and myotherapists, along with admin staff. Morgan was constantly stressed about the little things, losing sight of the bigger picture needed for her business’s long-term growth.

Like many practice owners, Morgan’s challenges were not unique. She was struggling to compartmentalise and focus on the aspects of her business that would ensure its future success. This constant battle with daily tasks and minor issues was taking a toll on her.

However, everything changed when Morgan joined the Success Without Sacrifice™ program. She was searching for a program that aligned with her identity as a female business owner, different from the aggressive, KPI-focused methods she had previously encountered.

With the support and guidance of the program, Morgan not only surpassed the million-dollar revenue mark but also achieved a balance between her professional goals and personal well-being. She refined her focus, prioritising long-term strategies over short-term wins.

Morgan’s story demonstrates the transformative power of a program that understands and caters to the unique challenges faced by women in private practice. Her journey is a testament to the fact that with the right support and strategies, it’s possible to achieve both financial success and a fulfilling personal life. We are excited to witness Morgan’s continued growth and success.

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