Nidhi Tandon

I feel like I’m a much better human being with my whole family. The difference is amazing! It gives me the balance that I need with my kids, it gives me the balance I need with my work. What I really love is knowing that I have access to the program, and anytime I want to, I can go in and ramp up.”

– Nidhi Tandon, Speech Language Pathologist, Virginia

Nidhi’s Story…

Nidhi’s work with Sian has changed her life profoundly. The Mastermind program not only gave her the tools to build a new successful business and doubled her income, it gave her new ways to think about her business and her life.

Nidhi has let go of old thinking patterns, has grown in confidence and feels she has a more authentic relationship with herself. Her business has been shaped to focus on a specialty area she loves, seeing the clients she wants, earning the income she wants, and allowing her time for her family.

When Nidhi first started working with Sian, she felt almost ready to give up and just join someone else’s practice. She had been in private practice for around seven years at that point, but that practice had never really become something she was completely happy with. Nidhi had recently moved towns and the thought of building up a new business, finding referrals, and generating a steady income was daunting. Nidhi’s mindset at that time was that she either had to go all out or quit. When she joined the program, Nidhi felt she would need to push things where everything would grow exponentially. 

As Nidhi started working with Sian, she realised there may be another way forward. A way of building a Practice which balanced her work with her family life. Through the mentoring process, Nidhi started to consider what she really wanted from her life in terms of income, work, hours of work, and her kids and this became the foundation for building her new Practice. 

Nidhi knew she wanted to specialise in her Practice but was concerned she would not be able to get enough clients to make it lucrative enough. Within four months of working with Sian, Nidhi had her books full of her dream clients – kids with language-based learning disabilities – that she loves working with.  

Sian helped Nidhi gain the confidence she needed to increase her rates and helped her work out the ideal frequency of seeing clients. Nidhi originally felt very nervous about increasing her rates, thinking her clients would leave, but following Sian’s advice paid off and, to her surprise, she did not lose clients.   

Nidhi’s revenue has now doubled, which means she has the financial freedom to grow the business the way she wants to, she is no longer driven by chasing income. 

Nidhi says she is much happier now. She feels she has the tools to expand the business by implementing strategies she has learned and increase profitability. But importantly, she feels in control of when this will happen, and the pace at which it will happen. She says she “loves the feeling of being comfortable with where I am, which is not where I was when I first started the program.” 

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