Why you need to be Pulling rather than Pushing

Pull Marketing to Attract Clients

– Sian Burton

Nobody likes to feel like they are being sold to, yet we all like to go buy …
go figure!

There is nothing worse than someone who only talks about themselves, their business and their expertise, whether it’s in person or in their marketing materials and messaging. It always feels like they are trying to PUSH their services on you and it can actually be quite repulsive.

Imagine if you could PULL prospective clients to you! Imagine picking up the phone and having someone on the other end of the line eager to use your services and become a client.

I’m sure some of you are laughing right now thinking this absurd, but this is exactly what happens in my business. Wouldn’t you like it to be the same in yours?

When you use PULL marketing in your materials you are able to attract clients to you that you have never met before. Of my entire client list, there is only one person that I knew prior to starting my business. Each and every one of my clients has been attracted to me, despite not knowing me, and has approached me to find out more about what I do and how it could help them.

So what is PULL marketing and how can you use it in your business?

Pull marketing is about creating connection with and hope in your prospective clients. It’s about empathising with them in a way that allows them to see you really care before showing yourself to be the bridge between where they are now and where they want to be. In doing so you PULL them towards you in a way that no amount of PUSH marketing ever will.

So let me ask you… Are you using PUSH or PULL marketing in your practice right now? Do you talk about yourself and your business or do you pull prospective clients to you by talking about their needs, problems and what they need most right now?

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