Sam Heyfron

“This year and part of last year is the first time my physios have had higher numbers than me, which is great. I love that. That’s such a great goal to achieve….I just really liked the structure and the resources. It was definitely worthwhile.” 

– Sam Heyfron,Physiotherapist, Whittlesea Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates in Victoria

Sam Heyfron’s Success Story

Sam Heyfron, a dedicated physiotherapist, runs a unique physio Pilates practice and concussion clinic in Victoria’s outer northern suburbs. Before joining Success Without Sacrifice™, she faced the challenge of being the sole physio practice in a smaller town, struggling to attract staff and balancing a heavier workload than she desired.

Despite the success of her practice, Sam sought to expand further, particularly in marketing, a field outside her comfort zone. She aimed to develop a structured approach to grow her business without the trial and error of self-teaching.

Key to Sam’s success was learning effective marketing for her team, enabling her to expand her staff confidently. This move eased her workload and contributed to the growth of her practice. However, Sam’s transformation wasn’t just about business growth but also about achieving a work-life balance. She cut back on her after-hours work, focusing on strategic business planning during regular business hours.

This new approach allowed her to enjoy her work more and find pleasure in previously daunting tasks like marketing.

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