Sharon Hennessy

“My business has been growing about 30 per cent year-on-year. Sian really helps me put my big pants on.” 

– Sharon Hennessy, Physiotherapist and owner of Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services in Brisbane, Australia

Sharon Hennessy’s Success Story

Sharon is a dedicated physiotherapist from Brisbane specialising in hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. When she first came across Sian’s program, she felt lost in her business journey. Despite running her clinic for a year and a half, growth felt haphazard, more like a runaway train than a steady journey forward. And let’s not forget the challenge of balancing a bustling work life with caring for her two daughters.

Then, Sian’s program appeared on the horizon, offering business growth strategies and a real shot at that elusive work-life balance. What made this program stand out for Sharon was its small group format – a perfect fit for her busy life, unlike those other time-intensive mentoring programs.

What a shift it was! Sharon boldly moved from renting a space to launching her custom-built clinic. This wasn’t just a change of scenery but a significant upgrade. With six private treatment rooms, she expanded her team and welcomed more clients, broadening her practice’s horizons.

Let’s talk growth – and not just in square footage. Sharon’s business finances took a turn for the better under Sian’s mentorship. Her revenue climbed, providing a stable financial foundation to cover the clinic’s expenses and a new mortgage when she purchased her dream clinic space partway through the program. She witnessed a 30% growth year-on-year and set her sights on a 50% increase for the 2021-22 financial year.

But Sharon’s journey was about more than just numbers. It was about finding that sweet spot between managing a thriving business and having time for her family. She focused on creating a positive work environment for her team, understanding the importance of staff retention and preventing burnout. By making informed decisions and taking charge of her business, Sharon invested in the long-term health of her practice.

Initially, Sharon’s goals seemed like distant dreams. But with Sian’s guidance, she surpassed her own expectations. Despite the stress and challenges, she found her path to a better quality of life for her family and professional success.

From an overwhelmed physiotherapist, Sharon has become a thriving clinic owner and business leader. Her journey shows what can come from combining hard work, dedication, and proper support.

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