In Reach Speech-Language Therapy

“I went from just accepting whoever I could find, to now working with my dream clients. My practice went from just me working solo to now having six employees. We just met the target for the number of patients that I was looking for. Now I’m looking at more about tripling that number. I have three new therapists starting in my team this month.

– Sheri Jennings, Founder & Director of In Reach Speech-Language Therapy

Sheri’s Story…

Sheri is the founder and director of a speech and language therapy business based in Portland, Oregon (USA). Sheri chose Sians program as she was at the very beginning of her journey with her private practice. She needed a sense of connection and to understand what to do when starting such a huge venture. Sheri felt she didn’t know anything about marketing and was not a salesperson.

She wanted to get a new perspective regarding being a business owner so she could comprehend the different directions available to her. Prior to the program, Sheri was accepting any clients she could find and felt she was in a mental freeze, like she was begging instead of truly valuing herself and what she has to offer. The only reservation she had about joining the program was the financial aspect, as she wasn’t yet generating a lot of revenue herself.

However, she understood that the program could offer her something that would take her a really long time to only find tiny pieces of, and not even see the whole picture, had she continued going it alone.

The impact of the program has meant that Sheri went from working solo to hiring six employees. She has successfully met the target number of clients she was looking for and her next target is to triple that number.

One of the most valuable things Sheri gained from the program was figuring out who she is as a business owner and how to market to prospective employees. By understanding her mission and philosophy, Sheri was able to turn that into a cohesive idea that she could express online to someone looking for a job.

With Sians support, Sheri was able to identify where she had been self-sabotaging. The program gave Sheri more confidence, direction, purpose, and perspective. She got exactly what she needed and transitioned into the headspace where it felt like the light had been switched on to know which way to go.

In only six months, Sheri went from zero clients to 73 among the whole team. This enabled her to pare down her caseload substantially and reduce it to 11 visits a week, with her team covering the rest. Sheri also credits her husband supporting and encouraging her journey too. She enjoyed discussing the program topics with her husband. Since taking off a lot of the pressure Sheri was placing on herself to complete things, this has freed up more of her time to spend with her family.

Sheri has recommended the program to others in her industry who are building their own private practices. In her view, the marketing advice Sian gives is unbelievably helpful as it comes from a place of mastery that Sheri thinks would be difficult to get to, if not impossible, as a speech therapist going it alone.

What Sheri experienced in the program went well beyond marketing. It included a lot of soul searching, non-judgmental support, where it was safe to share what she was struggling with, and problem-solve to overcome significant barriers and challenges she was facing. It was enjoyable for Sheri to observe the journeys of the other private practice owners that were in the group, seeing them morph into feeling more confident with doing certain things, and shifting their perspective to a place that honoured what they were looking to accomplish.

Sheris biggest takeaway since completing the program was to be gentle with herself and that she doesnt need to push herself to her full capacity all of the time. Understanding how to find her ideal client and how to navigate LinkedIn to make contacts were particularly helpful. Sheri appreciated the clarity Sian provided, describing Sian as unapologetically wise, as she views what’s happening objectively but with a real sense of compassion. Sheri felt Sian genuinely cared about her and what she was doing. Sians support, together with having access to the program materials afterwards, was invaluable to Sheri.

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