Stefanie Richard

“I think my biggest takeaway was on the mindset of things about money. It’s about investing in my business and actually getting to enjoy my business. Because what’s the point in having a successful business if you don’t get to enjoy anything from it, and you’re just go, go, go.”

– Stefanie Richard, Psychotherapist, Canada

Stefanie’s Story…

As a new business owner, Stefanie joined Sian’s program to help her to attract clients to her practice. She also wanted to reduce the panic and anxiety associated with the new business and grow it in a way that was calm and easy. She didn’t feel comfortable with the aggressive sales tactics that she had experienced in the sales world and really wanted to market herself differently.

Six months after joining Sian’s program, Stefanie has full books working with clients she likes. She has learned how to continue to grow her business into the future, but importantly Stefanie has realised that she can have a work/life balance and make space for other projects she wants to undertake.


Stefanie joined Sian’s Accelerator program when she had just started her business and she was very anxious about her future. Her business was only a few weeks old. Stefanie had a few clients per week, but no idea how she was going to get enough clients to make her own business financially viable. Participating in the Accelerator program allowed Stefanie to meet other people doing Sian’s programs and gave her confidence to enrol in the Mastermind Program.  

When Stefanie started working with Sian, she was seeing a few clients a week. These were not ‘ideal clients’ and they individually took up a lot of time as she was not familiar with their issues. Now, the majority of her practice is ‘ideal clients’ which match Stefanie’s expertise. There is no longer a lot of research time as her clients have similar issues. She has a full case-load and has attracted people that are similar, nice to work with, who pay their bills and do their homework! 

Stefanie’s work with Sian helped her to change her whole mindset about money and her business. Sian helped Stefanie to think strategically about her business both in the short and long term, how to grow her business once the books are full and what that might look like. Stefanie found this was an important difference that the Mastermind Program has over other programs out there – others were too small picture, just looking to fill the business next week, instead of looking at the long term, or how to grow the business further once your books were full. 

Shortly after joining the Mastermind Program, Stefanie fell seriously ill. While this compromised how well she could implement the program, Sian and Stefanie worked together to ensure she could grow her business during this challenging time and take a lot of days off to rest and get healthy. This setback helped demonstrate to Stefanie that it was possible to grow the business, yet still take personal time to rest. 

After six months working with Sian, and seeing the results despite her illness, Stefanie has realised that she doesn’t have to work 50-60 hours a week like she did previously. Instead, she can own a successful business working with clients she likes and also build in the time to do other projects she is passionate about – like running workshops or writing a book. 

Stefanie now has less stress and anxiety. She has been able to let go of worrying about the details, grown in confidence, and now enjoys her business. She feels confident that she has the tools to grow the business into the future while still allowing a good work/life balance. 

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