Harmonic Speech Therapy

“I didn’t have any systems set up for all the things that I did, but I didn’t necessarily know where there should be a system set up either. This program had a really big effect. I feel more confident about the work I’m doing now than I’ve ever done before.”

– Tallulah Breslin, Speech-Language Pathologist

Tallulah’s Story…

Tallulah is a speech-language pathologist who specialises in gender-affirming voice training. She worked in nursing homes up until the COVID pandemic, when Tallulah then decided to start her own private practice. On first setting up her business, Tallulah was seeing about five clients a week. Then Tallulah heard about Sian’s program and decided it was the right next step for her business development.


Prior to joining the program, Tallulah felt she had been floundering in terms of the clients she was working with. She knew her clients were happy and that when people reached out to her, they wanted to work with her. But Tallulah hadn’t figured out how to get her message out to more people. She felt like Sian had the answers that she needed and was really excited to be in a space where she had access to the kind of support she was looking for.

Before working with Sian, Tallulah didn’t have any systems set up for all her daily tasks and she didn’t really know what parts of her business should have a system implemented. Choosing her niche as gender voice transformation was a huge part of Tallulah then being able to run with developing her practice. She had spent weeks going back and forth on all the different services she could offer. The bigger the net of potential services to offer, the more holes Tallulah found in it. Once she started focusing on her niche, it enabled Tallulah to start putting her name out there in more places. Word quickly spread and more people started to know to reach out and ask for Tallulah’s help with their voices.

Since completing the program, Tallulah feels more confident about the work she’s doing, more so than she ever has before. It is fulfilling to Tallulah to see her clients making progress that has a positive, significant impact on their lives. Her business growth has been exponential, making it possible to bring on a part-time practice manager, and there’s potential to bring on additional therapists too. The program gave Tallulah the set skill to be headed in the right direction.

On a personal note, Tallulah now feels much happier too. The niche work she’s doing now, where she has the ability to make all of the changes she wants to and has a level of control over her business that would never have been possible to attain while still working in care homes.

Tallulah recommends this program to anyone with a business if they want to: grow and increase on the right trajectory to be able to have more clients; reach more people; figure out what their niche is; know how to manage everything to contain their business with streamlined processes; and save hours of time. An added bonus that is unique to working with Sian is that Sian is familiar with the skill set that people working in private practice need. What you will learn in this program is not a general marketing philosophy; it’s specifically tailored to those in private practice.

Tallulah’s biggest takeaway from working with Sian is that people need to know Tallulah’s business exists and how she can help them. She realised how crucial it is to consciously focus her energy on attracting new clients. She found her joy by doing the work she loves. For Tallulah, it’s not about money; it’s about joy. The money naturally comes from working in your zone of genius and client’s getting amazing results, then they tell people about their great experience. Businesses grows organically, as long as you’re putting a few steps in place to make it happen. Tallulah loved that rather than feel like she was advertising, it’s more like finding connections with other people who will be interested to know what she does, without ever feeling icky about it.

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